Recovery Collaborative
Recovery Collaborative

Our Vision:

Our vision is to ensure that individuals and families have the clinical, legal and community resources they need to successfully recover from substance use disorders and mental health issues at every stage of the recovery process including identifying at-risk youth, first use, initial diagnosis and serious chronic illness.

What We Do

Evaluation & Consultation


Recovery Supports

Legal & Advocacy Services

Personal & Professional Experience


% of Youth with Major Mental Health Episode
% of Addicts diagnosable during teen years
% recidivism rate, largely due to behavioral health concerns.
% success rate for similar recovery models.


Joan & Brian

Hi Michael, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your time, effort, compassion, and thoughtfulness. Lisa's court cases were very complicated, and it was quite a path, starting from max security, through the many court decisions and negotiations with various individuals. The BHC ...

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